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National societies & coordinators

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ESMAC as a European Society has affiliations to gait analysis societies both within as outside Europe which you find below.
For gait researchers wanting to network within their region where there is not yet a formal society please be referred to ESMAC National Coordinators listed below.

National societies

Vereniging van bewegingslaboratoria in Nederland en Vlaanderen or: Society of Movement Analysis in the Low Lands (SMALLL)
Netherlands & Belgium (Flanders)
Société Francophone d’Analyse du Mouvement chez l’Enfant et l’Adulte (SOFAMEA)
Societa’ Italiana di Analisi del Movimento in Clinica (SIAMOC)
Movement Analysis Society of UK and Ireland (CMAS)
UK & Ireland
Gesellschaft für die Analyse Menschlicher Motorik in ihrer klinischen Anwendung (GAMMA)
Germany, Switzerland, Austria
GCMAS: The Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society

National Coordinators

Country Coordinator email Society webpage
Austria Andreas Kranzl andreas.kranzl@univie.ac.at GAMMA www.g-a-m-m-a.org
Belgium Kenneth Meijer kenneth.meijer@maastrichtuniversity.nl SMALLL www.smalll.eu
France Elke Viehweger elke.viehweger@ap-hm.fr SOFAMEA www.sofamea.org
France Raphael Dumas raphael.dumas@ifsttar.fr SOFAMEA www.sofamea.org
Germany Sebastian Wolf sebastian.wolf@med.uni-heidelberg.de GAMMA www.g-a-m-m-a.org
Great Britain Neil Postans neil.postans@rjah.nhs.uk CMAS www.cmasuki.org
Holland Han Houdijk h.houdijk@vu.nl SMALLL www.smalll.eu
Italy Maurizio Petrarca maurizio.petrarca@opbg.net SIAMOC
Italy Stefano Cavazza st.cavazza@ausl.mo.it SIAMOC
Switzerland GAMMA www.g-a-m-m-a.org
Turkey Kubilay Beng kubilaybeng@yahoo.com
Turkey Sebahat Aydil drsebahataydil@yahoo.com
USA Krisanne Chapin krisanne.chapin@comcast.net GCMAS www.gcmas.org
Czech Republic Karel Urbasek karel.urbasek@fnbrno.cz
Poland Małgorzata Syczewska m.syczewska@czd.pl

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