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Best Poster Award

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Best Poster Award

This award is presented annually to the authors of the best scientific poster. The highest scoring abstracts from the poster presentations are nominated for the award. The posters will be assessed by a panel during the poster presentation sessions when the authors are available to discuss their work. The winners receive a certificate, and details are published on the ESMAC website.

ESMAC 2023, Athens, Greece

1st Sylvia Augustine

The effects of tight or loose-fitting clothing on markerless gait kinematics in adults

2nd Gautier Grouvel

Impaired spatiotemporal gait parameters in patients with unilateral and bilateral vestibular deficits

3rd Albuquerque Tadeu

Exploring the potential of combining kinematics and EMG to enhance identification of individuals with subacromial shoulder pain


ESMAC 2022, Dublin, Ireland

1st Mark Mcmulkin

Use of hamstring muscle-tendon length modeling to guide surgical intervention

2nd Simon Noë & Kaat Desloovere

Influence of patient characteristics on the shape of the medial gastrocnemius in children with cerebral palsy

3rd Catherine Huenaerts

Differences in surface electrode placement and its effect on duration of EMG activity

3rd Paulo Lucareli

Grouping of kinematic factors affect the differentiation of women with patellofemoral pain from controls during dynamic activities

Virtual ESMAC 2021

1st Heleen Huijsmans

Markerless motion tracking to assess upper limb dyskinesia in children and young adults with cerebral palsy

2nd Jacob Beesley & Hannah Shepherd

The Effect of a Medial Knee Thrust Gait Modification on Single Plane and 3D Peak Moments

3rd Marjolein Piening

Midfoot kinematics of valgus and varus foot types in children with cerebral palsy using the Amsterdam Foot Model


Virtual ESMAC 2020

1st Meghan Munger

Outcomes of intensive versus minimal spasticity management strategies on individuals with cerebral palsy: preliminary results of a long-term multi-center study

2nd Jennifer Nelson

Perceived limitations of walking in individuals with cerebral palsy

3rd Laura Oudenhoven

The effect of habituation on differences in energy cost between overground and treadmill walking in typically developing children

3rd Sebastian Durstberger

Evaluating 3D free-hand ultrasound as an alternative approach to register anatomical landmarks: a test-retest study in lean and overweight participants

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