Webinar 23.11.2022

On 23 November 2022 we had our first ECN webinar in which we explored ‘The subtle art of grant writing’. The webinar focused on junior and senior postdoctoral researchers. Prof. Nadia Dominici and Prof. Hans Kainz provided their personal experiences and recommendations on applying for a European Research Council (ERC) starting grant (senior postdocs). For the less senior postdoctoral researchers, Jeroen Aeles PhD shared his approach in preparing for and writing an individual postdoctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship (MSCA). However, the ERC and MSCA are very competitive and not feasible for everyone, which is why we also highlighted the possibility to apply for smaller grants. These smaller grants could facilitate research visits or be the start of a bigger research project.

We have added a list of funding possibilities in the #funding channel of our ECN Slack community that can be consulted when you are looking for grants. This is an active list, which means that ECN members can add funding possibilities that might be interesting or useful.

We would like to thank the presenters for their time and useful tips, and we appreciated the active participation of the attendees. Check our website for updates on the next webinar, or email us at ecn@esmac.org. You can also research out to this email address if you would like to join our ECN community on Slack.


See you soon!

Marije Goudriaan & Francesco Cenni (ECN members and organizers of the first ECN webinar).