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Wed 20 Sept ‘23




Join us at the coming annual meeting after the welcome drinks to network with your fellow ECN’ers!
Early Oct 2023

Spotlight: Awarded Early Career Researcher

This year we will award the career and vision of an outstanding Early Career Researchers from the midst of the ESMAC community at the Annual Meeting. This award is one of the initiatives of the ECN. This webinar will give the awardee the opportunity to share their research, their ideas and ambition, with plenty of time to discuss afterwards.
5 Late 2023


Paper writing and Publishing

How to guide your group to high-impact papers


Collaboration with Gait & Posture

Having students publish their results is very exciting. But how can you best guide them through the application process and make sure their work gets the credit it deserves? We aim to discuss selecting the appropriate journal, how to (help?) write a good cover letter, how to select editors and potential reviewers, how to communicate with the editors and when, how to supervise the revision process and deal with disappointment. And finally, how to create visibility for their work!
6 TBD 2024

Grant and Job applications

Job and Grant interviews: a whole new world

We have all given many scientific presentations. But to present yourself and your work to a job or grant interviewing panel is a whole new world! Here, we use the experience of some of the ECN members (who have proven both successful as well as unsuccessful in the past) to get tips on what to do and what not to take control of the interview!
7 TBD 2024

Valorization & Impact

We hear it all the time: making a societal and clinical impact. You see a way how your research can change or help the current clinical standard. But how do you go from your research lab to making an actual impact?


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