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Signed, Anders Holsgaard Larsen, hereby apply for being nominated to the ESMAC board for the Science Committee.

ESMAC aims to solve musculoskeletal disorders, that are now ranked as one of the most important health issues according to Global Burden of Disease, by facilitating high quality research on movement and disorders. With the current application I aim to facilitate ESMAC’s important role on stimulating and advancing scientific knowledge with the purpose of improving clinical and research settings.

ESMAC has since my first participation in London 2009 been a key motivation and guide for the research I have performed and I will be delighted to ‘repay’ some of the great knowledge and competences ESMAC has provided.

As member of the science committee of the ESMAC board I will work to stimulate and facilitate high level evidence within the society. I will emphasize that research within ESMAC should be designed with the minimum of potential bias providing the highest level of evidence that the research question and settings allow.
I’m chairing the local organizing committee for the ESMAC2020 annual meeting and currently ad hoc member of the ESMAC board. Moreover, I was elected as president for the Danish Society of Biomechanics (2014-2018) and currently holding the position as past-president. Thus, I’m experienced in working in scientific societies and have experienced what is required for being a member of the ESMAC board.

I hope to be considered for the ESMAC board.


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