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In 2005 I obtained a PhD in Sciences at the University of Antwerp studying the biomechanics of early walking. Besides combining teaching and conducting further research in this field, I became the coordinator of the M²OCEAN movement analysis lab at the Antwerp University Hospital. Currently I have a tenure track assistant professorship with the department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy. My research focusses on neuromechanics and balance control in relation to childhood development and ageing, both in healthy and pathological conditions.

I was introduced to ESMAC at the beginning of my PhD in 2002, by attending the gait course. This course lay the foundation for my still growing interest into the biomechanics and neuromechanics of gait control. Through participation in the ESMAC conferences I have been able to share my research and discuss with eminent researchers in the field. Furthermore I got acquainted with an international network of colleagues allowing me to expand my ideas and participate in (inter)national collaborations (eg. being a SMALLL boardmember and contributing to a network of labs across the Netherlands and Flanders).

I enjoy the openness of the ESMAC society welcoming to people from different disciplines and with different expertise levels. I am convinced that a multidisciplinary approach uniting engineers, researchers, clinicians and therapists is necessary to tackle the mobility challenges our ageing society is facing. This is possible in the ESMAC society. I would like to contribute to this open, multi-disciplinary society as a forum for knowledge exchange and discussion by becoming a board member, hence my application for the position as secretary.


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