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  • Associate Professor, Director – Laboratory of Biomechanics and Medical Imaging- Faculty of Medicine, University of Saint-Joseph in Beirut.

Dear ESMAC members,

Let me present myself briefly and demonstrate my motivation for the ESMAC board position.

I am a biomedical engineer and hold a PhD in Biomechanics (Arts et Métiers ParisTech-Paris in 2008). I have been participating at the annual ESMAC meetings since 2006 along with my lebanese and french colleagues and have, since 2015, brought along an ever-growing team of students who have also started to present their own works.

Our research is mostly aimed towards the biomechanical modeling of the musculoskeletal system using 3D subject-specific reconstructions of the skeleton, muscles as well as gait analysis, especially in children with cerebral palsy. More recently, we have started to also focus on subjects with adult spinal deformities. These patients are known to have reduced mobility due to their spinal deformities and are usually evaluated through quality of life questionnaires. Objective quantification of motion and gait alterations in these patients is as of yet scarcely performed.

I am delighted to be introduced to the ESMAC community and appreciate its high scientific level. I have been growing with ESMAC ever since my early years as a mere student. I have learned a lot from this scientific society who has awarded me both the best poster (2014) and best paper (2015) awards.

I would be honored to give back to our society by serving, if you would have me, as a member of the ESMAC board. I would also be thrilled to host a future installment of the annual meeting in my town, Beirut, and promise to organize, with the help of the board, an amazing scientific program along with stupendous social and cultural activities.

If you vote for me, I would be interested in working for the science position or any other position that the board committee would find me suitable. I am also interested to increase the visibility of ESMAC in the MENA region as well as in the near East and Asia regions by connecting with researchers from these areas.

I thank you for your trust if you vote for me and see you soon in Amsterdam!

Sincerely yours,



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