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Dear ESMAC Members;

I have been observing that engineers put so much effort to improve the public health on their desks and the medical professionals work so hard to treat the patients in the clinics. I believe that ESMAC is the greatest platform to build a solid bridge between engineers’ and medical professionals’ works. As a loyal attender, I strongly believe that the platform that the ESMAC board members has created a value that eagers the engineers and medical professions to do good quality science and to build very warm international relationships. I know that anyone who attends the ESMAC meeting once, desires to meet the good friends, warm welcomes and high-quality science again next year.

As a very valuable platform which welcomes different disciplines, ESMAC may do more social responsibility projects not only during the meetings, but also between the meetings such as organizations in elderly care-homes to give reasonable solutions to improve the residence’s movement quality or contributing to develope intelligent patient-friendly community parks. Additionally, some webinars which can be selected by web-based questioners for students and clinicians such as specific statistic methodologies or physical evaluations. Clinical cases can be shared in the official ESMAC web-site to develop interactions. These are some new ideas, to improve a great platform, which I feel at home every year. For me, being a part of the board member of this unique community would be a great honor.


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