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Marije Goudriaan, PhD

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The first conference I went to as a PhD student was ESMAC in 2013. After that, I went to ESMAC every year. I presented posters, did oral presentations, helped organizing a seminar, and off course, danced at the gala dinners. I have always enjoyed the conference and the social activities around it,  thus it seems appropriate to apply for a board member position so I can contribute to the ESMAC society instead of only participating in it.

I studied physical therapy and human movement sciences in the Netherlands before starting my PhD at the KU Leuven Belgium in 2013. I obtained my PhD in 2018 and I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

My preference goes to the position on the science committee. I realize I am an early career researcher, but I think can provide a useful contribution because of my clinical background combined with my affinity for fundamental research. Also, I participated in a European project for which I have worked with people from different clinical centers and universities in Europe. In doing so, I obtained strong organization and collaboration skills.

Finally, as part of the European project, I assisted in the development of a gait analysis protocol in which marker models, EMG configurations, and clinical examination tests were described for the participating centers. This background will allow me to contribute to the development and implementation of a standard gait analysis protocol.


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