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I hereby apply for a position as board member of ESMAC, in particular as secretary. Having completed my industrial PhD with Daimler AG and the Technical University, München, I started working full‐time as biomedical engineer doing clinical gait analysis in one of Germany’s largest pediatric hospitals, Olgahospital, Stuttgart. Working in an inter‐disciplinary team of physiotherapists, orthopedic technicians and surgeons is challenging and therefore very fulfilling. Our nonaffiliation with a university allows for very select inroads into academia and conferences. One of these select few is my attendance and participation at ESMAC since it provides the perfect platform for me as a clinical gait analyst. This is why; I was delighted to hear of the openings within the board. With my clinical experience of about 7 years, I am ready to participate more actively in ESMAC, work closely with its members on a scientific, educational, and organizational level. What I can offer are my organization skills, my living and working experience across multiple continents and countries and my work experience in
the private, public and academic sector.


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