ESMAC Competition has a winner!

On the occasion of the end of ESMAC Virtual 2021 we would like to announce the competition´s winner!

Firstly we would like to thank all of you for participating in our competition and for your interest in ESMAC Virtual 2021. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our little quiz and liked all the booths and enjoyed each of the spatial chat rooms.

The winner was randomly selected from all the correct answers sent to the ESMAC Secretariat and won a one year ESMAC Membership!

Congratulations to Mr. Orhan Öztürk from Turkey!!!

In case you are wondering the right answer was: SEE YOU IN DOUBLIN!

  • AMTI (spatial chat) – O
  • AMTI (booth) – I
  • Bertec (booth) – !
  • C-Motion (booth) – N
  • Delsys Europe (spatial chat) – Y
  • Delsys Europe (booth) – U
  • Moveshelf (booth) – L
  • Qualisys (spatial chat) – E
  • Qualisys (booth) – N
  • Theia Markerless (spatial chat) – U
  • Theia Markerless (booth) – B
  • Vicon (spatial chat) – S
  • Vicon (booth) – I
  • XSENSOR (spatial chat) – E
  • XSENSOR (booth) – N