EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 19-21 October in Milan, Italy

Utility of 3D movement analysis in different spinal pathologies in collaboration with ESMAC (European Society for Movement analysis in Adults and Children)

Dear ESMAC community,

Would you like to learn all about the benefits of 3D motion analysis in different spinal pathologies at during the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting from 19–21 October in Milan 🇮🇹. The associated lunch symposium will be chaired by Ayman Assi and will be held in collaboration with ESMAC.

The Lunch Symposia is on Friday, the 21st of October 2022

You may see the program bellow:

Chairs: Ayman Assi (Beirut, Lebanon/ Paris, France) & Lieven Moke (Leuven, Belgium)

12:05–12:10 Welcome and Introduction

12:10–12:20 From static spinal alignment to dynamic spinal evaluation, why 3D gait and movement analysis is essential – Louis Boissière, Bordeaux, France

12:20–12:25 Discussion

12:25–12:40 Introduction to normal gait analysis, how it improves our comprehension of walking function – Ursula Trinler, Ludwigshafen, Germany (Gait course organiser, ESMAC)

12:40–12:45 Discussion

12:45–12:55 3D dynamic musculoskeletal modeling of the spine – Lennart Scheys, Leuven, Belgium

12:55–13:00 Discussion

13:00–13:10 Movement analysis in patients with Adult Spinal Deformity – Ayman Assi, Beirut, Lebanon (ESMAC President)

13:10–13:15 Discussion

13:15–13:25 Pre vs post op results of movement analysis in Adult Spinal Deformity – Lieven Moke, Leuven, Belgium

13:25-13:30 Discussion

13:30-13:40 Movement analysis in patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – Sebastien Pesenti, Marseille, France

13:40-13:50 Discussion

The EUROSPINE conference will include topics like Basic science: biology and biomechanics, Craniocervical junction (all pathologies), Degenerative (cervical), Trauma (whole spine), Tumour (whole spine) etc…

For more information visit EUROSPINE website.