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6th UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific

Home Event 6th UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific

Programme: Presentations by peers working in international associations on common challenges, with small group discussions to ask in-depth questions and to share and exchange knowledge and experience.

An overview of the programme is below. For full details, please see the Round Table website (roundtable.uia.org).


Registration fee: 60 US dollars.

Thanks to the support of our hosts, the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau , we are able to offer a high-level educational programme for a low fee. All other elements of the programme are complimentary. Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.


Who is invited? People working in and with (international) associations. We expect about 100 participants.


How to register:

(1) Go to https://uia.org/roundtable/

(2) Click on “register now” for Round Table Asia-Pacific

(3) Fill in your username D5812

(4) Fill in your password MLAXSWQF


You can use this to register up to two delegates; each of your delegates will need to log in and register separately. Should you wish to send more than two delegates, please contact us.



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