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ESMAC 28th Annual Meeting in Amsterdam

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Dear ESMAC Members, Colleagues and Friends,

It is an honor and pleasure to welcome you to the ESMAC 2019 annual meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since the 17th century, Amsterdam has been a center of international commerce, culture, art and science. In these historic years Amsterdam has expanded its surface by adding semi-circular canals around the city limits that still today characterize this city on the water. Where merchants once anchored in Amsterdam harbors to exchange their goods, we hope that many scientists, physicians, physical therapists, biomedical engineers and all other individuals interested in the analysis of human movement will also anchor in Amsterdam this year to exchange your ideas and friendship in the ESMAC community.

We’ll prepare an excellent scientific program for you. The three-day multidisciplinary international gait course will be held at the campus of the Vrije Universiteit and VU medical center preceding the conference. At these premises we’ll also organize the first seminar, offering you hands-on tutorials on advanced measurement techniques in human movement. On the day before the conference we’ll celebrate the 20e anniversary of SMALLL (the Dutch-Flemish Society of movement analysis laboratories) in a special full day seminar. In that seminar ESMAC and SMALLL team up to host Dutch, Flemish and Europe’s best speakers on the topics of motor learning and clinical reasoning. Finally, the three-day conference, hosted in the Meervaart Theatre, will consist of high level keynote speakers, and many oral and poster session as you are used to at this annual ESMAC event.

Outside the Conference Hall we will offer you lots of social activities. In our cozy city you can wander along the canals, walk in the footsteps of famous Dutch painters, travelling right back to the golden ages, all with the typical Dutch wind mills and tulips can be found right around the corner. For those who want to do that “the Dutch way” you can rent a bike, as this is the most traditional but also most convenient way to move around.

And of course we’ll celebrate our get together at the gala diner, which will be held in a typical Amsterdam warehouse where, in the old days, ships from all over the world delivered their goods and where we will deliver a great party.

We hope to meet you in Amsterdam!

Han Houdijk 
Local Conference Chair

Marjolein van der Krogt
Scientific Chair

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