Kick-off meeting 2022

The Kick-off event of the Early Career Network (ECN) took place after the Welcome Cocktail of the 2022 ESMAC conference in Dublin. We were happily surprised as over 100 early researchers filled the seminar room – more than double than we expected!

The event started with a warm welcome of Ayman Assi our ESMAC president and of Lizeth Sloot on behalf of the ECN organizing committee. We gave a short introduction of the ECN team as well as our plans to materialize the network. This was followed by a wonderful panel discussion “Work in networking” with Friedl de Groote and Caroline Steward. We want to thank these two for the insight into their career paths and work which really inspired us for our coming work at the ECN!

After the official part of the Kick-off meeting, we got ourselves ready to get to know our fellow ECN’ers by playing Bingo Mingle under the delight of having snacks and drinks together. We think it is without a doubt that the Kick-off meeting was a complete success!

We thank everyone who attended the Kick-off meeting for their input on shaping the ECN. It was a pleasure to meet and network with all these enthusiastic and motivated researchers and are looking forward to our ECN future! Next years, we will organize an in-person ECN network event at the Annual ESMAC Meetings.

ECN kick off