Motion Analysis Lab Disposal. Moovex – Loreto (AN)- IT


I’m Mr. Fauzzi Floriano, the Administrator of a Motion Analisys Lab called “Moovex” with operational headquarter in Loreto, province of Ancona – Italy.

I would like to inform you that due to a corporate reorganization I will dispose my Motion Lab. For this reason, I wanted to ask you if you could send this communication to all your Accredited Laboratories to let them know that there is the opportunity to buy or renew the Laboratory at an attractive price, since it has only one year of activity.

The laboratory is formed by:

1) BTS Smart DX 8tvc Optoelectronic kinematic module:

  • BTS Analyzer/OEP/Clinic/SportLab Software
  • BTS EMG-Analyzer software license + Electromyographic Biofeedback

2) Dynamic Electromyography Module, Freeemg 1000, 12 Ch + inertial system

3) Dynamic and Augmented Reality Module formed by:

  • Nr. 6 BTS P6000 Triaxial torque platforms (size 40cm x 60cm) integrated amplifiers, Ethernet
  • LAN connection
  • Nr. 3 ip cam BTS sVIXTA digital color cameras with tripods
  • Nr. 1 P-WALK stabilometric platform with PODOGENIUS software



The laboratory still has a 1.5 year warranty, is in perfect condition and training days are still available.

You can find out all my services and activities on the website:, Facebook: moovex or Instagram: moovexitalia. My LinkedIn contact: Floriano Fauzzi.

Best regards
Mr. Floriano Fauzzi 

0039 328 2693453