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ESMAC 2019 Mentorship Program is now closed

Dear ESMAC attendee,


We are excited to announce that for the fourth time running, the ESMAC Mentorship Program will also be offered at the upcoming ESMAC congress in Amsterdam! Do not miss this opportunity to form new and exciting international acquaintances, orientate yourself in the society and congress and build exciting opportunities for your future.

The program provides young research-orientated attendees with the opportunity to meet and consult with senior researchers of the society, who may serve as mentors. For senior researchers, this is an opportunity to share experiences and ideas, and discover the next generation of exciting researchers. This can result in new perspectives for both mentor and mentee, whilst maintaining the informal relationship for years to come.

Following last year’s massive success, mentors and mentees were highly positive with comments such as:

Mentees: “A nicely crafted program, careful matching of mentors/mentees, a nice venue to meet and interact, and very open and caring mentors make this program a must for participants at the beginning of their career”


Mentors: “Good experience to share knowledge with people who are interested in the same topics. A good way to get in touch with other scientific groups”


Program process and what to expect
  1. Mentees and mentors sign up to the program (see application details below).
  2. The ESMAC mentorship team suggests a possible mentee to a mentor.
  3. If mentor agrees, the ESMAC mentorship team sends an email to the mentee with instructions on how to contact the mentor. The mentee is expected to make first contact with the selected mentor via email, indicating 3 specific questions that they would like to discuss during the face to face meeting at the conference.
  4. Mentor and mentee communicate via email to structure the length and content of the meeting and to arrange a meeting time during the conference
  5. Mentor and mentee meet at the conference at the specially designated location for mentorship or at a location of their choice.
  6. Fireworks explode!




If you are interested to participate in the program, either as a mentee or as a mentor, please email the following information by September 9th to

  1. Name and institution
  2. Mentor, or mentee?
  3. Primary research interests (brief summary)
  4. Current position, field, and professional goals
  5. Proof of ESMAC membership
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