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ESMAC has started to establish a European Clinical Practice Guideline for Gait Analysis. The purpose of this action will be to: improve the quality of clinical gait analysis (CGA), assure transparency of data collection and data interpretation, make data sharing easier, promote CGA as a clinical tool, increase the changes of insurance reimbursement for CGA, and facilitate task management of the gait labs.

The first step of this project was to define the scope of the European Clinical Practice Guideline for Gait Analysis and to identify experts of CGA interested to participate. The results of the survey can be found here.

The second step was to perform a review of the current practice of Clinical Gait Analysis in Europe. We have received responses from 97 laboratories. The analysis of the results is ongoing.

Next, we plan to use a modified Delphi process. The Delphi process will be based on the information we gathered in steps one and two, as well as on the work that has already done by national societies (CMAS, SIAMOC, SOFAMEA, SMALLL, GAMMA). This previous work includes the CMAS Standards ( and the SIAMOC paper (Benedetti et al., 2017). We also plan to include experts in CGA (clinicians, engineers, scientists, lab technicians and industry experts) in the Delphi process.

ESMAC would like to thank all the participants who participated in step one and two of this project by filling in the questionnaires. We hope we can approach them again for the next step (Delphi process).

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