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18 – 20 September 2023


The ESMAC Gait Course in Athens is a three-day course meant for beginners and people who like to refresh their knowledge in clinical gait analysis. We dive into an introduction to gait analysis, normal gait vs. pathological gait, case examples and principles of data interpretation while having both theoretical and practical sessions. While the main content of this Gait Course is set, we regularly change the course according to new developments and incorporate feedback from former students to keep the course attractive and alive.

The first day highlights requirements of healthy walking as well as changes in gait pattern with age while including first practical sessions. On the second day, more detailed aspects of gait analysis (kinematics, kinetics, EMG, quality insurance) are covered in theoretical courses as well as in practical sessions. The third and final day includes methods of integrating and communicating clinical gait analysis data as well as discussing case examples in small groups. The case discussions will each be facilitated by experienced gait analysts with complementary skillsets (clinical/technical).

The ESMAC Gait Course will be held in the Royal Olympic Hotel (the ESMAC 2023 conference venue).

See the ESMAC Teaching Faculty.

See Gait Course Programme from last year

There will indeed be coffee and lunch breaks for participants of the Gait Course to connect and catch up. We also plan a Social Evening after the first day, so stay tuned for coming updates!

Ahead of the course, you will get a handout with the slides, some introductory videos as well as interactive apps/programs to help understand joint moments and transverse plane bony deformities of the cases. At the end an official ESMAC Gait Course certificate is waiting for you.

Make sure you register soon as the number of places is limited!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in September!


Dr. Ursula Trinler (BG Klinik Ludwigshafen)

ESMAC Gait Course Organiser

Please see update on Gait Course here

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