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ESMAC Gait Course, Odense, 14 – 19 September 2021

We take you from simple to the most complex in three days! For those who feel behind in some areas, we provide comprehensive prior reading material including an online lecture. During the course you will be introduced to the neuro-musculo-skeletal requirements of gait, development of normal gait from children to old age, fundamentals of mechanics as applied to the human body, mobile apps for running small experiments in the interactive lectures, and clinical uses of 3D motion capture technology.

On the second day you will be introduced to the components of a typical gait analysis (physical examination, video, kinematics, kinetics and electromyography). In hands-on small-group practicals you will be exposed not only to the important advantages of objective measurements but also how simple mistakes can be spotted and avoided. You will hone your skills in marker placement and model building, EMG electrode placement, physical examination, troubleshooting of gait data and even made aware of practical issues with setting up your gait lab.

After discussing the importance of data interpretation and integration, the third day is mainly covered by case presentations of patients who had been through gait analysis. You will receive electronic notes of the content covered but to get the most out of the learning experience, remember to take notes. I still have my annotated ESMAC gait course notes going back to 1997.

More info can be found soon.

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