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ESMAC Gait Course

7 – 8 October 2021


Note the new date, this is Thursday and Friday on the week before the ESMAC Seminars and Conference. By moving the Gait Course to the previous week, we could remove the hard decisions of what parts of the typically parallel programme you select, now you can have it all!

Advanced Gait Course

I am pleased to confirm that this year we bring back an old tradition by running an Advanced Gait Course as part of ESMAC 2021. We all appreciate that the clinical decision-making process is a challenging and difficult part of gait analysis, and so in 2021 we will put more emphasis on case presentations and interactive discussions. Your learning will be facilitated by experienced teachers and supported by expert gait analysts. Our target audience includes clinicians and gait analysts who understand the basics and need exposure to how gait results can be synthesised to maximise effective management of our patients.

The two-day Advanced Gait Course will be delivered online on Zoom. We will begin with a short and steep refresher on gait analysis, and then continue with lots of cases in a range of clinical conditions. Small groups of students headed by expert panels will discuss each case in parallel sessions in virtual breakout rooms, followed by regrouping and reflection.



Prof. Gabor Barton (Liverpool John Moores University)

ESMAC Gait Course Organiser

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