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Ph.D., Physical Therapist

In 2014, I completed my PhD at the University of Tokyo. From 2014 to 2017, I had been worked at Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University, Japan as a research assistant. I assisted the education for college student about athletic rehabilitation. During this period, I also had been worked at the clinic of sports medicine and sport science in Waseda University as a physical therapist. I did physical therapy for college athlete s . From 2017 to presence, I have been worked at Institute of Sports Medicine and Sport Science / School of Human and Social Sciences, Tokyo International University, Japan as an assistant professor. I educate college ath letes about prevention of sports injury in my class.

My research interests are the clinical/sport s biomechanics for spine motion, lumbopelvic kinematic, and prevention of low back pain (LBP) in adolescent I published the papers about how to measure spine motion in 3D ( Spine , 2013), the difference of lumbopelvic kinematic between presence/absence of LBP Gait Posture , 2017), and causative factor s for LBP during soccer kick motion ( Gait Posture, 2017). Now, I also research spine motion of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis ISPRM 2019 , Tokyo, Poster session) I published 14 papers in English and 9 papers in Japanese, which researches were about 3D motion of spine or prevention of pediatric orthopedic disorders On ESMAC 2019, I’m going to present my research in oral sports and sports injury session.

I’m interested in being the ESMAC board member and want to do something I can work or assist for the ESMAC as a board member I’m very eager to meet ESMAC member and discuss about the clinical/sports biomechanics and stimulate the ESMAC conference. I take more effort s to talk and write in English at the work because m y 1 st language is in Japanese I think discussion with many researchers who come from any countries would stimulate and accelerate the further growing up of the ESMAC. I want to contribute to facilitat ing the ESMAC.


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