Call for applications to become an ESMAC Board member 2023-2027

Dear members,

We would like to inform you that three board members will be finishing their 4-year mandate by September 2023:

       Marije Goudriaan (Secretary) will be finishing her first mandate and will not apply for a second mandate
       Zimi Sawacha will be finishing her first mandate and is eligible for a second mandate
       Martin Svehlik will be finishing his second mandate

In addition, Ayman Assi (President) is finishing his first mandate and is eligible for a second mandate.

As discussed during the last Annual General Assembly in September 2022 in Dublin, the board is working on developing a new strategy for ESMAC for the upcoming years. So far, the board has identified several objectives that we will be delighted to present at the next General Assembly in September 2023 in Athens. The board is keen to work on these opportunities with the help of motivated board and committee members for the benefit of our society. 

Therefore, we would like to announce the following:

1. Three board positions will be opened for applicants:

a) “Secretary” position
The board member will be responsible for regular secretary duties, such as: documenting board meetings and general assembly, preparing minutes, managing the online ESMAC Teams environment and document storage … Moreover, the secretary will be contributing to the development of the society, such as: developing initiatives to sustain the society, ensuring values are upheld, building relationships with external entities (sponsors, societies, …)

b) “Strategy for Annual Meetings” position
The board member will lead work on strategic objectives we have identified during our analysis, such as: establishing a long-term plan for sustainable meetings, organizing joint sessions with other scientific societies, developing initiatives to include more physicians and surgeons.

c) “Monitoring & evaluation” position
The board member will lead work on strategic objectives we have identified during our analysis, such as: identifying Key Performance Indicators and establishing a dynamic dashboard, developing a monitoring plan for important topics (diversity, country representation, specialties, membership, feedback from members …).
If you want more information about what each position entails, you can contact our Secretariat (

2. Renew mandate for Ayman Assi:
The first mandate of Ayman Assi has come to an end. He served the first two years as a president-elect then the second two years as a president. To continue his 4-year mandate as a president according to our bylaws, and to finish and implement the work started two years ago on the ESMAC strategy, the board suggests renewing his mandate for a second term. During his second term, he will be serving as a president for the first two years, then as a past president for the last two years to support the new president in office.

Members will be kindly asked to vote on this decision when the voting for the 3 above vacancies is open.

If you are interested in becoming a board member and making an impact on our society, please apply by sending an email to our Secretariat ( with the following documents in English:

       Motivation letter
       Curriculum Vitae
Please specify in your email if you have a preference for any of the available positions:
       Strategy for annual meetings
       Monitoring and evaluation

At ESMAC we value diversity. Members from all genders, countries, and specialties, who are up to date with their membership fees are welcome to apply. You can check and/or renew your membership here.

The deadline for applications is on Tuesday 29th of August 2023 at 11:59 pm CET.

We look forward to receiving your applications and to working together!

  ESMAC Board